Welcome to use the QzoneExport Assistant (hereinafter referred to as the assistant), please read this privacy policy carefully, using the assistant means that you agree to this privacy policy by default and agree to the assistant’s collection of your personal information.
The assistant respects everyone’s privacy. The assistant promises that any personal information that belongs to you collected in the process of using the assistant will only be used for the assistant to back up data, and will not do any other purpose or disseminate your personal information.

How to collect your personal information

  1. The assistant mainly collects the cookie information of the Qzone website of your browser, which is used to access the Qzone of the backup target without login.
  2. Simulate the user’s browser behavior to access the QZone of the backup target, and collect the talk, log, private diary, photo album, video, message board, QQ friends, and favorites of the QZone of the backup target.

How to use your personal information

  1. Cookies collected from the Qzone website are only saved in the assistant of the browser and used to access the Qzone of the backup target without logging in.
  2. The collected QZone data will only be saved in the browser for your backup and download to the local. The assistant does not use or spread your personal information.

How to clear the personal information collected by the assistant

Just uninstall the assistant extension


  1. The assistant can export the public and private data of your Qzone, as well as the personal information of other people’s QZone that you have access to. If you export and disseminate other people’s space data, the assistant generally irresponsible.
  2. Using third-party tools (Aria2, Thunder X) to download QZone files (photos or videos) that cause personal/other information leakage, the assistant is not responsible.